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Responsive Websites are comprised of several webpages. By using our Responsive Answering Site you agree to the terms and conditions declared here-in.

We reserve the right to change and update our terms and conditions in the interest of all parties. Responsive Answering cannot and will not be held liable for external third party websites which brought you to this site, or websites you visited after visiting ours.

Damaging Use:

You are not allowed to hack Responsive Websites in a way that is detrimental or unlawful. You may not interfere with or copy the information herein. You may not transmit any kind of information to the owners or the site itself in any way that is abusive, indecent, defamatory, or unlawful. You may not attempt to collect information about our customers or visitors, including but not limited to their e-mail addresses.

Responsive Answering website will not be held liable for any information disclosed to us which may jeopardize the discloser. We reserve the right to delete data we receive at any time.

Responsive Answering will never claim ownership to materials or ideas you provide us with. However, by submitting any information through our website you grant Responsive Answering and our affiliates the necessary sublicenses to use your information and to publish your name with your submission. No compensation can be demanded or expected from the use of a submission.

Advice learned by means of the information portrayed in the Responsive Answering Website should not be relied upon for any medical, legal, personal, or financial decisions.

If you do not agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions please leave this site immediately.

We have the right to eliminate and/or blacklist the users we deem necessary from accessing our website.



All contents of the Responsive Answering Website, including our Logo, Icon, Trademark or any images are copyrighted by law and belong to Responsive Answering. Any or all of the material on our website should not be used or reproduced without the written and signed acceptance of its authors. 

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